Welcome to "Kazachy Terminal - Sistema" Llc

Young Institute was given the task to design the "Kazachy Terminal - Sistema" Llc.

We had to develop a draft of a large number of complex engineering structures, structures, equipment and machinery, control and automation devices. Along with this, it was necessary to correctly place the construction site, in coordination with other important construction objects, consider the possibility of supplying companies and the city's industrial and drinking water, to ensure the discharge of wastewater. It was necessary also to resolve the issues associated with the creation of a large railway junction, engineering communication lines, etc.

In addition to the technological workshops factory has a huge tank farm, loading and unloading ramps, branched, and a powerful set of auxiliary services, including treatment facilities, serving all of the urban economy.
The company sells a wide range of petroleum products"Kazachy terminal - Systema" Llc on the Russian market and in the countries of near and far abroad.

Production develops, improving processes and working conditions, carried out a systematic reconstruction and modernization of processing units. Company Prospects are encouraging and confidence in the future.