Work in the "Kazachy Terminal - Sistema" Llc - it is the desire for more

"Kazachy Terminal - Sisitema" Llc today - a dynamic, rapidly developing a vertically integrated oil company, one of the industry leaders.

At the enterprises of Group "Kazachy Terminal - Sisitema" Llc - system" employs more than 3,000 people in 24 regions of Russia, CIS and far abroad.

What does it mean to work in our company?

It means to strive for more:

- Participate in projects of national and international scale

"Kazachy Terminal - Sisitema" Llc implements large-scale international projects in the field of mining and processing company operating in the rotation program allows employees to get work experience in international teams around the world.

- Professionally grow and develop

"Kazachy Terminal - Sisitema" Llc - one of the most dynamically developing Russian oil and gas companies. Included in the top five players of the Russian market and is a leader in terms of growth of production and processing, as well as the realization of light mineral oil.

The company demonstrates high levels of efficiency in all areas.

Employees "Kazachy Terminal - Sisitema" Llc have the opportunity for professional development in accordance with the company's development.

- Be confident in your future

The company has developed a long term strategy up to 2025, which includes all activities and provides rapid development "Kazachy Terminal - Sisitema" Llc".

- To be proud of their company

"Kazachy Terminal - Sisitema" Llc is developing in accordance with the principles of social responsibility to the regions of presence, implements sports and infrastructure projects throughout the Russian Every employee has the opportunity to participate in the social life of the region, becoming a volunteer company.

- Achieving success together with a strong team

Corporate culture based on the principles of mutual respect and trust. Every employee has the opportunity to express themselves and make their own unique contribution to the development of the company.

We are looking for new talent! Together we achieve more!