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"Kazachy Terminak - Sistema" Llc offers diesel oil as a certified product with high physical and chemical characteristics, which fully comply w


ith Russian and international standards. Diesel fuel is supplied to the extent necessary with the ability to deliver the object in bulk tankers.


Basic Properties

Diesel fuel sulfur content varies, which begins with 0.2% of the total. In this case, the cleaning process is important to keep an optimum balance of sulfur compounds which improve lubricating properties, increasing both the amount of harmful impurities, leaving to the atmosphere. Depending on the temperature of oil distillation distinguish pure standard (340 ° C) and the summer (up to 360 ° C) diesel fuel. It is the distillation temperature determines the lower and upper threshold crystallization diesel.

The main advantage of this popular oil - a relatively low cost compared to gasoline. In addition, diesel engines are more economical gasoline counterparts (20-25%), which determines the high profitability of vehicles and machines running on diesel fuel.


Diesel is used as a liquid fuel for a wide range of internal combustion diesel engines. In this case, the first place there EURO standardization system, which determines the maximum possible amount of pollutants in the exhaust of vehicles. In addition, diesel fuel as an energy source can be used:


  • heating systems;
  • mobile power plants;
  • industrial units equipped with diesel engine plant


Our attractive wholesale price of diesel fuel determines the high demand for our products.