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 A new generation of automotive fuel G-Drive

Fuel new generation G-Drive provides professional protection of the engine fuel system, increases power and improves acceleration dynamics of the car.


    Increasing the engine power up to 12% *
    Improved vehicle acceleration dynamics to 1.8 sec. *
    Professional motor protection
    Compliance with environmental standards Euro-5


Fuel new generation G-Drive contains an active complex additives, which increases the efficiency of the engine, increasing performance and driving dynamics of the car, as well as providing protection for the engine fuel system, removing deposits and creating a protective film that prevents their further education.

Part of the latest generation fuel friction modifier can significantly improve engine performance. As a result, capacity and accelerating dynamics of the car increases.
Quality assurance

High quality of gasoline and diesel fuel is provided by direct deliveries from refineries, as well as well-functioning system of quality control in certified labs.





High-tech oil and lubricants
Oils G-Energy are designed for the modern cars of European, American, Japanese and Russian production.

G-Energy oils are supplied to the Russian and European market in packaged form, as well as in industrial packaging for service stations and car manufacturers of conveyors, which produced the first pouring of oil in new cars.

The company's products meet the most modern requirements of equipment manufacturers, as evidenced by endorsements Mercedes Benz, VW, BMW, Porsche, Renault, GM

Properties oils G-Energy

Cools Details of a running engine may overheat if the quality does not reduce the friction time. The oil helps to reduce friction and prevent overheating.
Protects The protective film of oil helps to prevent corrosion and rust, preventing engine wear.
Cleans Engine parts may eventually form deposits of soot and metal particles. The oil protects the engine parts from the sediment.
Neutralizes The oil contains alkaline additives. They neutralize the corrosive acids, thus helping to prevent corrosion of engine parts.

To help the engine to operate at full power - one of the basic tasks of quality oil. production of "Gazprom Neft" Oils maintain the maximum gas pressure in the combustion chamber. Aggressive chemicals and high temperatures are not a problem for the quality of motor oil.

Testing in extreme conditions

The range of specialized oils G-Energy Racing was developed for professional race cars and modern sports cars. Oils G-Energy Racing successfully tested in a rally-raids in GM engines.

 Choosing and buying

On the website you can consult a technician or choose your own G-Energy oils suitable for your vehicle and operating conditions, and then buy them at filling stations, or in shops and specialty outlets.


Oils under the brand G-Energy produced at the plant in Bari (Italy), which is a modern, high-tech complex production capacity to 30 000 tonnes of high-tech oil and 6 000 tons per year of greases.