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Technological level of today - one of the main factors of competitiveness. Only companies that are constantly replenish their toolkit of best practices of exploration, mining and refining, have effective channels of petroleum products sales may qualify for success. Therefore, the search, development and implementation of new technologies - a priority direction of development




In a world of almost no unexplored areas where the probability of detection of significant deposits of easily accessible oil. Search Properties today are complex geological structures located in remote areas with unfavorable climatic conditions. "Kazachy Terminal - Sisitema" is developing its resource base through the introduction of modern technologies for the production and processing of data on the structure of the entire oil and gas pools and individual deposits

basin modeling

The search for new oil reserves - a complex and expensive task, even when it comes to traditional resources. The cost of exploration and the cost of failure are much higher when working in unexplored regions difficult. Remove the large amount of uncertainty prior to the field work allows basin modeling method.

9 As part of this technology on the basis of all available information on the geology of the region with the help of mathematical and analytical techniques recreated the processes of formation and change of geological layers, which makes it possible to detect hydrocarbon accumulation place.


After the construction and calibration of the pool model chosen the most promising areas, field model further created, conducted a comprehensive risk assessment, substantiated the effectiveness of the development of deposits.





High-density seismic surveying UniQ

The seismic subsurface investigation method - one of the major in the modern exploration. He is excited elastic waves with the help of an artificial source, registration of these waves geophones, post-processing of seismograms obtained by mathematical methods and geological interpretation of the results.

The reliability and accuracy of the research to a large extent depend on the number of sources and receivers of waves, but, until recently, the possibility of increasing the number of emission points and receive transmission was limited to the inability of a large traffic on the cable channels. With the advent of fiber optic technology, this problem became solvable.


12Green seismic

"Green seismic" is based on the use of wireless telemetry data acquisition system RT System 2.

The ability to use the technology in remote areas has prompted experts "KAZACHY TERMINAL - SISTEMA" to suggest that its use in Siberia will make seismic surveys are not only effective, but also environmentally friendly.

Compact wireless recording equipment can be delivered to the installation site without special heavy machinery, for the passage of which is usually necessary to cut down the clearing width of not less than four meters. For "Green seismic" enough trails width of 1-1.5 m. Thus, the non-use cable lets you at least halve the amount of forests are cut down, and the information is not inferior to the accuracy of the results of the traditional seismic survey.


  Accumulates geological information about all the company's fields. "Geomeyt" brought together about 80% of transactions carried out by geologist analysis of geological and geophysical and field information. Access to a single information environment enables employees to different departments, "Gazprom oil" quickly examine all available indicators for construction of reservoir models, and identifying promising areas of detail and layers.